X-INOVA X9 Ultra Max 4G Smart Watch


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  • Android Operating System
  • Connectivity Options
  • Diverse Watch Faces
  • Communication Features
  • Google Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Metal Body and Silicon Strap
  • Large Touch Screen
  • Ample Storage
  • Built-in Sensors
  • Additional Functions
  • 1 Month Warranty

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✓ In Stock

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X-INOVA X9 Ultra Max 4G Smart Watch

The Xinovin X9 Ultra Max 4G Android Smart Watch is a cutting-edge wearable device that seamlessly integrates advanced features with a sleek design. Running on the Android operating system, this smartwatch brings the power of a smartphone to your wrist. Stay connected, track your fitness, and enjoy a variety of applications right from your wrist.

Android Operating System

Equipped with the Android operating system, the smartwatch offers a familiar interface with the ability to install Android applications for a personalized experience.

Connectivity Options

Enjoy internet connectivity with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and support for 4G internet, providing seamless access to online services.

Diverse Watch Faces

Personalize your smartwatch with a variety of watch faces, allowing you to match your style for any occasion.

Communication Features

Make and receive calls directly from your wrist, send and receive messages, and stay connected on the go.

Google Integration

Utilize Google’s powerful search capabilities directly from your smartwatch, bringing the convenience of Google services to your wrist.

Social Media Integration

Stay updated with social media notifications and messages, all displayed in Persian for a localized and user-friendly experience.

Metal Body and Silicon Strap

The smartwatch boasts a durable metal body and a comfortable silicon strap, making it suitable for both sports and formal occasions.

Large Touch Screen

Navigate effortlessly on the 2.02-inch rectangle touch screen for a smooth and responsive user experience.

Ample Storage

With 64GB of internal storage and 4GB RAM, the smartwatch provides ample space for apps, music, and more.

Built-in Sensors

Features built-in sensors for GPS, sports modes, heart rate monitoring, and a pedometer, enhancing your fitness tracking capabilities.

Additional Functions

Receive call and SMS notifications, Persian language support, gallery, compass, music control, calculator, camera functionality, and Wi-Fi support.