Baseus i-wok Stepless Dimmable Desk Lamp


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  • 3000K-3700K-5000K Three modes of color temperature
  • Charging and inserting dual-use
  • No blue light hazard
  • Intelligent stepless adjustment
  • Long Battery Life: 40+ Hours(Low Brightness) 8 Hours(Medium Brightness) 4 Hours(High Brightness)


Sold Out

I-wok series charging office desk reading lamp

Focus on work / read at night Dual use without charging and inserting I three color temperature modes I 40+ hours tong battery life I no blue light hazard

Full cast light customized desktop / keyboards good lighting

Flashlight type lighting design, accurately emit the light source and then emit to illuminate the desktop, suitable for overtime, dorm reading, stands listens etc.

Proper lighting does not hurt eyes when working / reading

Buffer light collection to reduce eye strain

No visible strobing / blue light hazard

According to research, luminance values ​​between 300-500lux are more suitable for the eyes at night. Prolonged use of light can easily cause eye pain, and good lighting can relieve visual fatigue. Tested by professional institutions, this i-wok office desk reading lamp provides good protection for users’ eyes without the danger of stroboflash and blue light.

Dual-use charging and docking for multi-zone in the office

Lighting without limitation to a single area

Long 40+ hours of battery life

1800mah large capacity

120 ° customized illumination / angle for lamp head adjustment

Focus light on books, magazines, computer keyboards

Double uniform light, bright and good for eye protection

The light is uniform and natural, with the refraction and illumination of the smooth lens and uniform light glasses.

Cool and warm light balance and stepless adjustment

3000K-3700K-5000K three color temperature modes

Small and removable

Craft aesthetic design, looks beautiful in any place


Q: Sometimes I turn off the light by pressing the button A: After turning on the light for 30 seconds without any operation, press the button again to turn off the light directly. Q: three lighting modes? A: click the button switch: default warm light (3000K) → mixed light (3700K) → white light (5000K) → turn off the light. Q: stepless dimming? A: When the light is on, long press the switch button to adjust the light infinitely.

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