Tp-Link TL-MR600 Wireless Cat6 AC1200 4G LTE Router


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  • Better Signal for Connections Everywhere – enjoy stable and efficient connections to every device thanks to the two external LTE antennas
  • Full Gigabit Ports – provides reliable wired connections for bandwidth-intensive devices such as game consoles and STB
  • Wi-Fi router mode – plug an Ethernet cable into the LAN/WAN port for flexible access if you can’t get a 4G connection
  • Easy setup and management all by Tether app
  • 6 Months Warranty

Rs.41,478.72 Rs.49,990.00

Sold Out

Tp-Link TL-MR600 Wireless Cat6 AC1200 4G LTE Router

Increase 4G+ speeds

The TP-Link Archer MR600 supports 4G+ Cat6, which use Carrier Aggregation technology to increase speeds up to 300 Mbps. Insert a SIM card into the Archer MR600 and enjoy HD movies without interruption, download files in just seconds and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Gigabit ports for excellent connections

The gigabit Ethernet ports provide lightning-fast and reliable connections for demanding wired devices such as smart TVs, game consoles, NAS, etc.

The TP-Link Archer MR600 offers internet access on up to 64 devices

Effortlessly share a 3G/4G connection with up to 64 wireless devices such as, cell phones, tablets and laptops. The 4 LAN ports also allow you to connect to the Internet on wired devices such as desktop computers.

Powerful Wi-Fi everywhere

Experience unmatched convenience and versatility. Tested for years to ensure universal compatibility. The 2 advanced LTE antennas ensure a smooth connection. Insert the micro SIM card into this fantastic piece of technology to set up a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection.

Fast online with Sim Card

Thanks to the integrated 4G-LTE modem and built-in SIM card slot, all you have to do is insert a SIM card into the Archer MR600, turn it on and you’re done! Fast, stable Wi-Fi over a 4G+ network has never been easier.

Easy management

Thanks to the intuitive online interface and powerful Tether app, the TP-Link Archer MR600 can be set up within minutes. With Tether, network settings can be managed from any device running Android or iOS, including parental controls and access management