Xiaomi Mi 360 Home Security Camera 2K Pro


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  • Local Micro SD card Up to 32 GB of storage
  • Historical video back-ups from the Micro SD card
  • Free 7-Day Rolling Cloud Storage of Motion-Triggered Video Clips
  • Download the Mi Home app
  • Power on the Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro
  • Open the app, search for and connect to the device to use it normally

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✓ In Stock

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Xiaomi Mi 360 Home Security Camera 2K Pro – BHR4193GL

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Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro, 2K super clear image quality, upgraded AI and upgraded 3 million pixels for an even clearer display. Up to 2304 × 1296 resolution, for clarity in every frame. Standard HD resolution: 1920 × 1080=1080 p (2 million pixels); Upgraded HD resolution: 2304 × 1296=1296 p (3 million pixels). On-screen camera output display, keep an eye on what matters to you with any time, any place remote access to video output on your smartphone, tablet, and Mi Smart Clock*. Simply ask your Mi Smart Clock to view real-time video output from your camera.

Mi 360°

* Mi Smart Clock and other devices that can be linked to this product must be purchased separately.


F1.4 large aperture and 6P lens for an excellent image capturing experience

The F1.4 large aperture lens lets significantly more light enter, capturing detailed images even in low-light conditions; The fully upgraded lens effectively reduces light refraction for clearer, more detailed images.


Enhanced infrared night vision for clear images even in low-light

The 940-nm infrared light with no visible red glow leaves you and your family to sleep undisturbed; features a high-sensitivity image sensor, and displays color video in low-light.

Dual-microphone noise reduction for clearer two-way voice calling

Supports two-way real-time voice calling, fitted with dual microphones that use active noise reduction technology to effectively reduce speaker echo, and enhance your call experience.


360° pan-tilt-zoom panorama for all-round monitoring with no blind spots

Features a dual-axis pan-tilt-zoom motor, with a 360° horizontal viewing angle and 118° vertical viewing angle. Mi Home app control and panorama imaging, so you can see everything.

Mi 360°

One-key physical shield for personal privacy protection

When you don’t want camera monitoring enabled, you can enable the physical shield via the Mi Home app. Once enabled, the camera lens will automatically rotate downwards inside of the case to protect your privacy.

Dual-band Wi-Fi connection, with no lag

Supports 2.4 GHz/5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi connections, reduces signal interference, improves transmission speed, and provides a more stable connection with no lag.

The built-in Bluetooth gateway enables smart connections

The Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro features a built-in Bluetooth gateway.  Connect Bluetooth devices to view device data via the Mi Home app. Access settings to link your device with other Xiaomi smart devices.


Seamless viewing that saves storage space

New-generation H.265 video encoding technology enables seamless viewing with no change to network conditions, saves bandwidth, and provides a clear and detailed picture. H.265 videos require only 50% of the storage space required for traditional H.264 videos at the same pixel and data rate, so you save half the storage space.

Supports standard and inverted mounting, with 180° screen rotation

Includes screw-in base accessories for easy installation. For inverted mounting, rotate the screen in camera settings to display the picture normally

Three storage methods for increased security

Supports three storage methods, a local Micro SD card, NAS devices and the cloud, so you can back up your data with peace of mind.


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