Xiaomi RD03 AX3000T Wireless Router


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● High-Speed Wireless Connectivity: With a support for a 3000 Megabit wireless rate and WiFi 6 technology, it achieves a dual-band concurrent wireless rate of up to 2976Mbps.

● NFC Quick Connect: Supporting NFC Quick Connect, users with compatible Android phones can effortlessly and securely connect to the network with a simple tap, providing convenient and swift access.

● Multi-Device Connection and Stability: Equipped with 256MB of RAM, it can connect up to 128 devices, ensuring stable connections and uninterrupted performance when multiple devices are online simultaneously.

● Support for Various Network Layouts: It offers multiple networking options, including wireless, wired, and hybrid networking, catering to diverse user network needs.

● Advanced Security and Management: Through the Mi Home app, users can manage children’s online time and restrict access to certain apps and websites, along with security mechanisms like anti-spoofing and a guest network, ensuring network safety.

● Dual WAN Ports and Broadband Aggregation: With support for dual WAN ports and aggregation, it can harness multiple broadband connections to deliver higher-speed network connectivity.

● Multi-Platform Gaming Accelerator: Optimized Global Acceleration Nodes, effectively reducing latency, buffering, and packet loss for platforms like PC, smartphones, consoles, VR, Steam Deck, and more.

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Xiaomi RD03 AX3000T Wireless Router

Xiaomi Router AX3000T

Smart Router for Easy Use in Various Scenarios

NFC Quick Connect

One-Touch Fast Connection

IPTV Internet Television

Multi-Platform Gaming Acceleration

Xiaomi Router AX3000T

MediaTek Filogic 820

Dual-Core 1.3GHz Processor – a new-generation processor utilizing an advanced 12nm manufacturing process, surpassing products of the same level, combining high performance and low power consumption for stable operation. Additionally, hardware acceleration has been employed to effectively reduce CPU usage, ensuring stability, reliability, and doubled efficiency.

Xiaomi Router AX3000T

3000 Megabit Wireless Rate

5GHz Frequency Band supports a massive 160MHz bandwidth, resulting in doubled speed compared to traditional AX1500 and AC1200 models.

Supports WiFi6 technology, achievingookfun up to 2976Mbps in dual-band concurrent wireless rates, delivering lower latency and faster speeds, making 4K movies and high-quality online gaming smooth and lag-free. Tookfun

Xiaomi Router AX3000T

Efficient Transmission with OFDMA

OFDMA technology completes data transmission for multiple devices simultaneously, allowing family members to study, work, and entertain themselves independently. Even with multiple devices online at the same time, efficient transmission is guaranteed.

Xiaomi Router AX3000T

Xtra Range Technology Boosts Signal Coverage, Extra 5GHz Antenna

Using a high-performance dual-band antenna, the 5GHz frequency band employs a “2+1” antenna configuration. Through the 3T3R multi-path design, 5G signal strength is enhanced, alleviating network disconnections and buffering in home corners and dead zones.

Xiaomi Router AX3000T

Xiaomi’s Proprietary Mesh Networking Technology

Supports various mixed networking methods, connecting up to 10 routers at most. These routers collaborate to eliminate signal dead spots, providing high-speed internet access throughout the entire house. As you move around the house, the system will seamlessly connect you to the fastest router node within milliseconds.

Xiaomi Router AX3000T

Supports Xiaomi Mesh Solutions

Wireless Mesh Networking

Wired Mesh Networking

Mixed Mesh Networking

Xiaomi Router AX3000T

Dual WAN Ports, Dual Broadband Aggregation

Up to Gigabit-Speed Internet

The Xiaomi Router AX3000T features 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, supporting dual WAN and LAN port aggregation and blind insertion. This allows households with multiple broadband connections to unleash the potential of gigabit-speed internet. When combined with NAS units featuring dual gigabit ports, you can create a high-speed home private cloud.

Xiaomi Router AX3000T

High-Load High Performance

Stable Connection for Numerous Devices

Equipped with 256MB of RAM, it can connect up to 128 devices. Stable connections for devices like phones, TVs, speakers, cameras, and more are guaranteed. Real-time responses are provided without interference, enabling enjoyment of a fully connected smart home.

Xiaomi Router AX3000T

Smart Home Stability for Xiaomi Devices

Featuring Xiaomi’s proprietary Quick Connect technology, the Mi Home app automatically discovers nearby Xiaomi smart devices that haven’t been paired with the network. No need to enter passwords or deal with complex settings. Each Quick Connect device undergoes Mi Home’s unified security certification and access testing, resulting in enhanced durability, stability, and security when used in tandem with a Xiaomi router.

Xiaomi Router AX3000T

NFC Quick Connect

AX3000T supports NFC Quick Connect function, where you can effortlessly connect to the network without entering a password by gently tapping the NFC area on the top of the router with a compatible Android phone.

* The phone used for connection needs to be an Android phone with NFC support and should be in an unlocked state with the screen on.

Xiaomi Router AX3000T

IPTV Support

Simple Configuration for Internet Television

The Xiaomi Router AX3000T supports IPTV single-line multiplexing, resulting in a cleaner home wiring setup and simplified operation and configuration.

Xiaomi Router AX3000T

Multi-Platform Gaming Accelerator

Optimized Global Acceleration Nodes, effectively reducing latency, buffering, and packet loss for platforms like PC, smartphones, consoles, VR, Steam Deck, and more. It also significantly reduces game download times.

Xiaomi Router AX3000T

Exclusive Acceleration for Xiaomi Phones

Low-Latency Stable Output

Automatically identifies Xiaomi/Redmi phones and activates an exclusive acceleration channel for gaming and video scenarios. This prioritizes the network speed and stability of the device, effectively reducing latency and buffering.

Xiaomi Router AX3000T

Safe Internet Browsing

Through the Mi Home app, you can manage the usage duration of children’s internet devices and restrict access to various apps and websites, cultivating healthy internet habits and preventing addiction. Additionally, the AX3000T provides features like anti-spoofing and a dedicated guest network, safeguarding your privacy and network security while offering comprehensive network management. Xiaomi Router AX3000T

Router Placement Recommendations

Not Recommended Locations

1.Locations within metal shielding enclosures such as electrical boxes or closed metal cabinets.

2.Positions with significant obstruction, such as built-in storage compartments in cement walls, corners blocked by furniture like sofas, inside shoe cabinets/TV cabinets, etc.

3.Near interfering appliances, such as microwaves, induction stoves, computer PSU cases, home generators, wireless modems, etc.

4.Edge locations of the house like balconies, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.

Recommended Locations

1.Open, unobstructed areas such as TV cabinets, coffee tables, etc. Positions closer to the center of the house.

2.The optimal height for placing the router is around 1 meter above the ground; avoid placing it on the floor.

3.Router antennas should be vertically positioned, ensuring they are perpendicular to the ground. Xiaomi Router AX3000T

Package Contents

Router × 1

Ethernet Cable × 1

Adapter × 1

User Manual × 1

Xiaomi Router AX3000T Xiaomi Router AX3000T